Control Cables

PVC Insulated and sheathed Flexible Control Cables


Core Colors : Black with white numbering + yellow/green/gray with number printing
Sheath Colors : Gray, black and white
Conductor : Annealed bare copper as per IS: 8130
Insulating PVC : Annealed bare copper as per IS: 8130
PVC Sheath : Type ST-1 conforming to IS: 5831 HR, Fl? and FRLS sheathing can be provided if required
Rated Voltage : 300/500 V
Test Voltage : AC 2000 V
Min. Bending Radius : 4 times the overall diameter of cable
Tensile Strength : 12.50 N per sq mm of PVC insulation and sheath
Maxi Working Temperature : 70°C; also available for 85°C and 105°C
Max‘ Short Circuit Temperature : 160°C
Minimum laying Temperature : 15°C
Usage : For medium mechanical stresses with free movement without
tensile stress in dry 8: moist condition.
For measuring and control cables in tool machines, conveyor
belts. production lines in machinery production and steel production